Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Gold Dust student on Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize shortlist.

For the second year in a row, a Gold Dust writer being mentored by Jill Dawson is on the shortlist for the Lucy Cavendish Prize.  Annette Gordon has been invited to an event at the Cambridge college on May 22nd to meet the judges and agents and editors who are seeking a début woman novelist.

Congratulations to Annette and all the shortlisted writers http://www.lucy-cav.cam.ac.uk/fictionprize/2014-shortlist-announced.

(Last year’s Gold Dust mentee Alex Hourston, also mentored by Jill, got an agent and book deal as a result, so we have high hopes!)

Two Gold Dust graduates announce exciting book deals: Alex Hourston, mentored by Jill Dawson, writes: ‘Jill and I have worked together on everything I’ve written, from my first paragraph to the last drafts of my second novel, due to published next summer.

‘Amongst many other things, she has helped me with voice, taught me how to critique my own work, and kept me straight when I threatened to lose sight of what I was trying to do!

“Put simply, she made my writing the best that it could be, and gave lots of support and advice about the process and the business along the way.’

The novel is called Then, But Not Now, due to be published summer 2015 as part of a two book deal bought at auction by Faber.

Another mentee of Jill’s – Alexandra Cameron – also wrote this month to let Jill know of her new book deal in her native Australia. Alex writes: “I thought I would let you know that my book, Rachael’s Gift, which you helped me with is being published by Picador in Australia/ NZ this August 26th. The mentorship was a while ago now but you were immensely helpful in assisting me to get to the next stage. The book, of course, barely resembles anything you read, way back when, but the characters Camille and Wolfe have survived and the major themes are still present.

“It’s been a long road and I’m sure there’s another longer one ahead for the next one. But thank you all the same.’

We hope to add their book covers to our website soon!