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You’ve done several courses, or even perhaps an MA in Creative Writing but you still have a half-finished novel and you don’t know if it’s any good or what to do with it. This is the moment many writers wonder if having a mentor – a published author with a heap of experience – would make sense.

– You belong to a writers group, you love the support, but you secretly have desires to publish and take yourself more seriously, and you wonder if you need the input from a more experienced, published and established writer, not just your writer mates?

– You’ve had plenty of agent rejections, you don’t really understand why, you feel disheartened. Could a published author help and advise you how to get back on track and recover your writing mojo?

Why choose Gold Dust?

There are lots of mentoring schemes out there. Gold Dust is the original and the best. We are very small and selective and, unlike the Faber Academy or Curtis Brown, we don’t have a huge office and a vast advertising budget. Our emphasis is on the writers and the writing. With Gold Dust you get to choose which mentor you submit your writing to and who you would like to work with. If you don’t know or can’t decide we are happy to discuss this with you. Of course, Gold Dust is selective and not everyone is chosen, but we know from our successful mentees what a buzz it is when a mentor really clicks with their work, and this gives a huge boost to their confidence, so give us a try!

What we offer

The quality of our mentors and our success stories are why we call ourselves the original and the best mentoring scheme for writers. We offer a rare opportunity to work on- to-one with a truly established and garlanded author. Although we are small and selective, we are mighty! Agents really do notice a writer who has been Gold-dusted. Have a look at the agents page to see the agents who have accepted and helped Gold Dust debut writers to publish or given talks or webinars for us.

Application is very easy! Just contact us here or email Sophie Hampton here and she will discuss whether Gold Dust mentoring is right for you.

Novelist Jill Dawson – founder of Gold Dust

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