Jill Dawson, Gold Dust writer mentoring, UK
Gold Dust founder – Jill Dawson

Writer mentoring worth its weight in gold.

Based in the UK, Gold Dust is a unique writer mentoring scheme, founded by novelist Jill Dawson.  We offer what Jill herself wanted when she was an unpublished writer working on her first novel: to be able to show it to an established, award-winning author whose work she admired, and get their feedback and advice.

‘Over the past couple of years, Louise has made our work together feel like a collaboration, an exploration, and a glorious journey in a resolute and unremitting search for honest and good writing.’
– Charlotte Macleod, playwright, mentored by Louise Doughty

If you are awarded a Gold Dust mentorship we will provide 16 such hours with your mentor, spread out usually over a year. This will be in the form of eight hour-long meetings. Between meetings, the mentors will read your work for a further eight hours, and offer feedback on the writing, as well as an insider’s advice on the publishing world and finding an agent.

We also offer bespoke mentorships of 18 hours which can be spread out over two years.

There may also be opportunities to attend book launches and other events where you can meet with mentors, other writers, agents and publishers.

The Gold Dust fees are £3500 and £4000 for bespoke mentoring. Please note some mentors charge VAT.

gold dust – writer mentoring uk

Gold Dust’s mentors are writers at the top of their game. They are chosen for their writing and teaching accomplishments. We have a rule that all Gold Dust mentors must have published at least five books (often the figure is many more) and have won, judged or been nominated for major national and International literary prizes such as The Booker, The Costa, The Women’s Prize, The Folio, The Impac and others.

‘Shelley’s mentoring has enabled me to build my confidence as a writer. I now feel competent to tackle that magical final draft, though I’ll really miss our sessions.’
– Mya Roberts, mentored by Shelley Weiner.

Many have been RLF Fellows, meaning they are particularly skilled at working one-to-one. In addition, all have taught on the best writing courses and many are, or have been, senior professors and course directors. These writing programmes include Creative Writing MAs such as UEA, Bath Spa, Goldsmith’s, Cambridge, Oxford, Sheffield Hallam, or for The Arvon Foundation, Guardian Masterclasses and The Faber Academy.

‘Well within my target year, the novel was out there in the real world, with an agent.’
– Jane Rusbridge, author of The Devil’s Music (Bloomsbury), mentored by Kathryn Heyman

If your work is of a suitable standard, your mentor may well recommend an agent, but we cannot offer guarantees of publication. Gold Dust is for writers wishing to explore and experiment and improve their writing.