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Gold Dust Mentoring Ltd
PO Box 247

Application to Gold Dust is simple and you will know within weeks or even days whether you have been successful.  We are a small selective scheme and whether you are awarded a place will one of our top mentors will be based on the quality and promise of the work in progress you submit to us.

Please in the first instance, email us here.

‘I will miss our sessions in the British Library and I hope to work with Gold Dust again on my next book.I cannot recommend this programme highly enough.’
– Felix Bechtolsheimer, shortlisted for Tony Lothian award, mentored by Sally Cline

We will discuss your requirements, which of our writer-mentors might be most suitable for you, and then if we feel you would be right for our programme, we will invite you to apply by emailing us a small sample – of around five thousand words – of your work in progress.  If one of the three mentors we approach on your behalf feels your work has potential you will be offered a place with that mentor. We believe that a mentor who loves your project and chooses to work with you is the best possible start for the mentoring.

'Being mentored by Jill literally changed my life. I had just completed an MA in creative writing.... I was sixty and giving up hope.  
‘Gold Dust changed all that.  After the first meeting with Jill I felt empowered and full of ideas.  
‘Anyway, to cut to the chase, I’m now a sixty three year old novelist with a two book deal with HQ, an imprint of Harper Collins.'
– Rosalind Topps, mentored by Jill Dawson

Please note that not everyone is successful and we reserve the right to say no to applications that we do not feel meet our selection criteria.

Please use the form below to contact and apply to Gold Dust.

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