Tarot private readings for creatives and writers

‘Jill Dawson’s deep instinct for character and voice makes her a superb novelist – it’s somehow that same ability she channels in her Tarot for novelists. It feels like magic, her ability to use the cards to help you know what it is that you need as a writer, what your project needs, what your characters need. I found the experience of doing Tarot with Jill for my work-in-progress to be absolutely mind blowing.’
Kathryn Heyman, author of Fury.

My Tarot reading can help you at any stage in your writing.  Unlock the secret to your novel and to greater confidence and intuition. Deepen your understanding of your own work, your own voice and what you need to do to fully realise your unique gifts as a writer.

The sessions will be interactive with your chance to ask Jill – an experienced writing mentor, and award-winning novelist – all the most pressing and puzzling of your questions about your novel, your stories or your writing life.  There are a very limited number of these one-to-one sessions available so book now to avoid missing out!

All sessions are one hour, conducted on zoom and booked at the same time.

Session One
Who you are as a writer and your challenges: What is making you feel stuck or preventing you from continuing? What challenges do you face? Is it you, your writing practice, or the novel? How to use the cards to suggest ways forward.  Ask any question you like of the cards (and me) and together we’ll try to figure it out.

Where am I right now in my writing life (or project)?

The court cards and Pip cards. The novel or short story, or script.  What can Tarot tell you about it and your feelings and energy around writing. Is it an issue of character (Cups) story (Wands) setting (Discs, Pentacles) or themes (Swords)?

Session Two
Your project: characterisation, story, themes.  What is my novel’s desire? Who is my protagonist? What is under-lying this? The shadow. The unconscious.  Answers to the questions above that go deeperAnd the same kinds of discoveries for your character!

All will become clear!  Are you working against your natural gifts as a writer? Is the form you’ve chosen wrong for you? Do you know enough about the central character?

Session Three
The Lessons. The secrets: how to go forward. What attitude do I need to take up for the best possible outcome?

This is where more and more will be revealed to us and where we can also think about our professional life and perhaps submitting to agents or publishers.  We will each pick a card to see us into our future writing life.

The price for the three sessions – taken at any interval – is £999

Email here to apply