Gold Dust writer’s work makes the airwaves

Charlotte Macleod, mentored by novelist and playwright Louise Doughty, is having another play broadcasted on Radio Four.  Charlotte’s second play, Dotty Rogers: My Life in Movies will be broadcast on 24th May 2013.

Charlotte says of her time with Gold Dust, being mentored by Louise: ‘Louise is a professional and has demanded the same professionalism of me. When my work had finally reached a point when it was ready to show to the industry, Louise used her personal contacts to get my work read.  Over the past couple of years, Louise has made our work together feel like a collaboration, an exploration, and a glorious journey in a resolute and unremitting search for honest and good writing. I feel astoundingly privileged to have had Louise in my writing life, and any success I have achieved is directly a result of working with her.’